I am 36 years old, played baseball and football growing up all the way through high school. I have been working out since I was 15 years old and have consistently stayed in the gym (for the most part) for the last 20 years. I first saw Jac in the gym and approached her solely on the fact that she was in phenomenal shape and doing extremely challenging and different exercises that I have not seen before. I did not approach her with the intention of having a physical trainer or nutritional guide but after chatting with her randomly throughout the month I began to realize this girl knows her stuff. After talking with Jac about my shoulder/neck and lower back pain, my 8 to 5 desk job where I sit all day long, she was extremely confident that she can help alleviated my pain and straighten me out moving forward. She was so confident that I was willing to give her strength training and nutritional program a try for at 1 month. After two weeks in Jac’s virtual training app and nutritional program I was freaking hooked! I remember telling her for the entire first month, how shocked I was by how tough, sore, and fun her workouts were! She had me doing workouts and movements that engaged muscles that I never knew were there and have never worked out. As time went on, I noticed my core strength was growing rapidly, my lower back pain was going away and I could pick things up off the ground with ease. I felt like I was nimbler on my feet and could move around like a Gazelle.
However, I was still having some shoulder/neck pain that we would discuss during our weekly check-ins. She offered to do a 1-on-1, in person session so she could get a better idea of what was going on and the pain I was describing. After our first 1-on-1 session, Jac was certain she knew what was going on. Meanwhile I have spent thousands of dollars with many chiropractors, physical therapists, and rehab centers over the years and all they would do is prescribe muscles relaxers, pain killers, or do work to relieve the pain temporarily only for it to come back later. This is what completely blew me away and had me hooked on her program, after 1 session Jac noticed that I stand, sit and my basic everyday posture had my shoulders rolled forward along with my neck and traps slightly flexed/tensed. She was explaining to me that this was causing a tremendous amount of stress on my scapula which was becoming extremely tight a d would pull on my neck muscles causing me to have massive headaches. I was always in achy pain and was miserable! She pointed out that I sit out a desk all day on a computer (with my posture as above, shoulders/neck tensed and rolled forward), when I am holding my smartphone, when I cook, and basically noticed that my normal everyday posture had my shoulders rolled forward and my traps/neck tensed/flexed. This was causing the scapula/shoulder to tighten up and cause tons of stress and pain on my neck. She spent her own time to research and find me articles to read and stretches to perform to break down the scapula muscle and stretch it out. She re-wrote my workout routine and rehab days to account for my shoulder/neck pain, she recorded shoulder and neck stretches in her app that I could follow along with and after a couple weeks of working with her new program and being “mindful/present/aware” of my posture. My shoulders and my neck began to relax and stretch out and for the first time I started to get relief. I was completely amazed by this! I spent almost 8 years going to various doctors and not one of them could help me determine the root cause of my pain or determine what I can do to prevent it in the future. They only prescribed me drugs and temporary pain relief to only have me come back for more treatment and spend more money. This 25-year-old woman, fresh out of college was able to diagnose and help me CORRECT the issue that was causing my pain and help me prevent it from coming back in the future. I could not have been more blown away by Jac’s professionalism, her dedication, her passion, her maturity, her knowledge of the body and basically just her care for her clients.
I highly recommend any or all of her programs! I am currently using her nutritional guide, her virtual training app and every so often we do 1-on-1s to check in on my posture/form and some rehab. Jac has completely changed the way I approach working out and has made working out fun again! She has currently changed my program around to include exercises to strengthen the muscles used for snowboarding to get me ready for my planned for next month!