Kielly D.


Okay so for me personally I wanted a nutrition and fitness plan bc that took the stress of me finding meals that made sense while doing these workouts, she (JAC VITALE) made me a general guideline or list of things that I could eat and then explained why so that I gained an understanding of why she (JAC VITALE) was telling me to eat what I was, and this also helped me build an understanding so I could start to better understand how to make my own healthy meals, and then she also gave me suchhhh good recipes for healthy but goood tasting meals, she sent me a questionnaire that’s one page to answer so she could curtail my meals and foods to eat to all my wants and needs.

As for fitness she sent me another questionnaire that allowed me to tell her more in depth my wants and needs and I was able to tell her about my back surgery which was a big reason as to why I couldn’t’t lose my stomach bc I thought all u could do for that was crunches and leg lifts which I could never do bc I have a spinal fusion, (I was v wrong lol) but she gave me a 16 week program the first 8 weeks were exercises that you use as a platform to build off of for the next 8 weeks, and then if you get bored or find urself wanting to switch areas she curtails it to want u want again, she’s sooo flexible and is so knowledgeable about all of this I seriously don’t know how I would have done this without her.

JAC has not only helped me with my fitness and nutrition but also my mental state as well. I found myself in an extremely dark hole after years of being depressed and anxiety ridden after being sexually assaulted my freshman year of college. Come my senior year summer I knew that the place physically and mentally that I was sitting in was extremely unhealthy, and was leaning towards a very unhealthy downward spiral. JAC not only gave me tools to use through working out as well as grounding, that not only changed my physical appearance but totally turned my mental health around.

Fitness and mental health go hand and hand and once I started to see changes driven by JAC’s heal of up changes I was hooked and, on a fitness high. I finally started to feel like my old self. I grew confidence in ways many strive to achieve.

And to top it off I felt comfortable in my own skin, especially in a bikini! Overall, I’ve learned so many different things… how to love myself, how to make changes for the better, how to turn my mental health from bad to good, how to eat right and be my best self. Jac has not only helped me grow, but she’s helped me become a better version of myself and for that I am forever grateful!