The Jac Vitale 6 Pillars of Wellness Program allows you to achieve your maximum potential. Just as a flower needs certain things to blossom to its maximum potential, so do you.

A flower needs the best sunlight, soil, oxygen, and water to flourish. If one of those four components is not continuously fulfilled, then the other three also will not function at their maximum potential and the flower will not become the wonder that it could be.

I use the same philosophy with my fitness and nutrition clients. In order for you to achieve your maximum potential, we first divert your attention away from specific goals – and towards an overall “wellbeing.” There are 6 dynamic pillars that we must address to function at your maximum level.

These 6 Pillars of Wellness are:

  • Emotional Pillar
  • Intellectual Pillar
  • Nutritional Pillar
  • Occupational Pillar
  • Physical Pillar
  • Spiritual Pillar

Your wellness journey is more than just the number of squats you can do, or tight abs, but it is about achieving overall wellness and being able to function at your maximum potential. Once you are functioning at your maximum potential, ultimately everything we aspire to become, gravitates towards us.

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