What some of Jac’s MOVERS have to say


Okay so for me personally I wanted a nutrition and fitness plan bc that took the stress of me finding meals that made sense while doing these workouts, she (JAC VITALE) made me a general guideline or list of things that I could eat and then explained why so that I gained an understanding of why she (JAC VITALE) was telling me to eat what I was, and this also helped me build an understanding so I could start to better understand how to make my own healthy meals, and then she also gave me suchhhh good recipes for healthy but goood tasting meals, she sent me a questionnaire that’s one page to answer so she could curtail my meals and foods to eat to all my wants and needs.

As for fitness she sent me another questionnaire that allowed me to tell her more in depth my wants and needs and I was able to tell her about my back surgery which was a big reason as to why I couldn’t’t lose my stomach bc I thought all u could do for that was crunches and leg lifts which I could never do bc I have a spinal fusion, (I was v wrong lol) but she gave me a 16 week program the first 8 weeks were exercises that you use as a platform to build off of for the next 8 weeks, and then if you get bored or find urself wanting to switch areas she curtails it to want u want again, she’s sooo flexible and is so knowledgeable about all of this I seriously don’t know how I would have done this without her.

JAC has not only helped me with my fitness and nutrition but also my mental state as well. I found myself in an extremely dark hole after years of being depressed and anxiety ridden after being sexually assaulted my freshman year of college. Come my senior year summer I knew that the place physically and mentally that I was sitting in was extremely unhealthy, and was leaning towards a very unhealthy downward spiral. JAC not only gave me tools to use through working out as well as grounding, that not only changed my physical appearance but totally turned my mental health around.

Fitness and mental health go hand and hand and once I started to see changes driven by JAC’s heal of up changes I was hooked and, on a fitness high. I finally started to feel like my old self. I grew confidence in ways many strive to achieve.

And to top it off I felt comfortable in my own skin, especially in a bikini! Overall, I’ve learned so many different things… how to love myself, how to make changes for the better, how to turn my mental health from bad to good, how to eat right and be my best self. Jac has not only helped me grow, but she’s helped me become a better version of myself and for that I am forever grateful!


Where do I begin? I crossed paths with JAC from a friend that goes to my gym and she directed to me to JAC and it was the best ever! JAC has helped me grow so much with my knowledge in not only the gym, but my nutrition! She is always there whenever I have a question or guidance along the way. She has helped with creating a workout program that is geared towards my specific goals and always is willing to switch it up if I feel the need to mix it up! She has helped me learn to make the mind and muscle connection while working out. She has helped me gain the confidence back in myself as person and as a woman lifting and working out in the gym.

I couldn’t have been more blessed with her as a trainer and friend. JAC has helped me become more confident in knowing I can achieve the goals I have set for myself. I feel confident with what I am doing now in the gym and can already see a huge difference in how my body looks and the muscles and toning that is taking place.

I am only in the beginning of my journey with JAC and I am so excited to see where this journey takes us!

Thanks to JAC I am finally getting the body I have been trying to achieve for so long! Best and easiest decision I ever made with her as my trainer! I love you JAC!


If you were to ask me how many workout guides I have done since high school to now my answer for you is too many. Even though I have done so many, I have not stick with one for more than 3-6 months. Through a friend and seeing her amazing transformation I contacted JACLYN via Instagram. Together we worked through a meal plan on foods I liked, and a plan that worked for me. Soon I was asking for more than a meal plan, a fitness plan as well.

Over a year later and I am the happiest I have ever been and do not plan on going back.

The difference between JACLYN than a workout guide and regular meal plan is that she is not looking to have you for 6 weeks and all of a sudden you are slim fit and where you want to be. Her goal is to knowledge you, and create these healthier habits in your life so it can be a way of life. From working with JACLYN I have learned the different type of food groups and all the importance they have on the body. She is available at your fingertips with any question (literally) you may have but also allows you the freedom to make choices on your own that you want.

Her workouts have taught me that progress takes time and patience but with consistency and drive you will get to where you want to be. She has taught me that most social media posts are fake, and things you hear are myths. Instead staying to true to yourself and listening to how your body feels is how you will get true results. While working with her she has also boosted my confidence and helped me grow mentally. Together her and I have created a way to achieve goals in a safe, natural, healthy way that is suitable for me that does not cause any mental or physical triggers. This was huge for me due to the pressures society throws on woman or certain expectations people may have from a typical “6 week ab challenge.” Since my mentality on working out has change emotionally I am able to be the best version of myself not only for me but for my friends, family and boyfriend as well. They have seen my confidence grow and happiness return.

JACLYN is the most hands on instructor I have ever met. She brings out the best in her clients by listening to their needs whenever a change is needed. I would not trade what her and I have created for the world. She’ll be training me for my wedding day, helping me while I’m pregnant and help me get the baby weight off. She’s truly my life line and life coach!


JACLYN VITALE takes the time to understand your needs as an athlete on both a macro and micro-nutritional level and tailoring dieting plans to performance feedback. She utilizes a scientific approach to understanding how changes in the prescribed diet affected performance quality. The relationship was more than ‘client-coach’, JACLYN strived to become a strategic partner in achieving personal goals.

Before starting to work JACLYN VITALE, dieting was very monotonous, however; it has now become an exciting aspect of the entire performance process. JACLYN VITALE explores different meals to achieve nutritional goals, which keeps things fresh and exciting.

10/10 recommend


I am 36 years old, played baseball and football growing up all the way through high school. I have been working out since I was 15 years old and have consistently stayed in the gym (for the most part) for the last 20 years. I first saw Jac in the gym and approached her solely on the fact that she was in phenomenal shape and doing extremely challenging and different exercises that I have not seen before. I did not approach her with the intention of having a physical trainer or nutritional guide but after chatting with her randomly throughout the month I began to realize this girl knows her stuff. After talking with Jac about my shoulder/neck and lower back pain, my 8 to 5 desk job where I sit all day long, she was extremely confident that she can help alleviated my pain and straighten me out moving forward. She was so confident that I was willing to give her strength training and nutritional program a try for at 1 month. After two weeks in Jac’s virtual training app and nutritional program I was freaking hooked! I remember telling her for the entire first month, how shocked I was by how tough, sore, and fun her workouts were! She had me doing workouts and movements that engaged muscles that I never knew were there and have never worked out. As time went on, I noticed my core strength was growing rapidly, my lower back pain was going away and I could pick things up off the ground with ease. I felt like I was nimbler on my feet and could move around like a Gazelle.
However, I was still having some shoulder/neck pain that we would discuss during our weekly check-ins. She offered to do a 1-on-1, in person session so she could get a better idea of what was going on and the pain I was describing. After our first 1-on-1 session, Jac was certain she knew what was going on. Meanwhile I have spent thousands of dollars with many chiropractors, physical therapists, and rehab centers over the years and all they would do is prescribe muscles relaxers, pain killers, or do work to relieve the pain temporarily only for it to come back later. This is what completely blew me away and had me hooked on her program, after 1 session Jac noticed that I stand, sit and my basic everyday posture had my shoulders rolled forward along with my neck and traps slightly flexed/tensed. She was explaining to me that this was causing a tremendous amount of stress on my scapula which was becoming extremely tight a d would pull on my neck muscles causing me to have massive headaches. I was always in achy pain and was miserable! She pointed out that I sit out a desk all day on a computer (with my posture as above, shoulders/neck tensed and rolled forward), when I am holding my smartphone, when I cook, and basically noticed that my normal everyday posture had my shoulders rolled forward and my traps/neck tensed/flexed. This was causing the scapula/shoulder to tighten up and cause tons of stress and pain on my neck. She spent her own time to research and find me articles to read and stretches to perform to break down the scapula muscle and stretch it out. She re-wrote my workout routine and rehab days to account for my shoulder/neck pain, she recorded shoulder and neck stretches in her app that I could follow along with and after a couple weeks of working with her new program and being “mindful/present/aware” of my posture. My shoulders and my neck began to relax and stretch out and for the first time I started to get relief. I was completely amazed by this! I spent almost 8 years going to various doctors and not one of them could help me determine the root cause of my pain or determine what I can do to prevent it in the future. They only prescribed me drugs and temporary pain relief to only have me come back for more treatment and spend more money. This 25-year-old woman, fresh out of college was able to diagnose and help me CORRECT the issue that was causing my pain and help me prevent it from coming back in the future. I could not have been more blown away by Jac’s professionalism, her dedication, her passion, her maturity, her knowledge of the body and basically just her care for her clients.
I highly recommend any or all of her programs! I am currently using her nutritional guide, her virtual training app and every so often we do 1-on-1s to check in on my posture/form and some rehab. Jac has completely changed the way I approach working out and has made working out fun again! She has currently changed my program around to include exercises to strengthen the muscles used for snowboarding to get me ready for my planned for next month!