Whenever a virtual client is identifying a task to fulfill the Nutritional Well-Being Pillar, their responses vary in several dynamic ways! More often than not the individuals initially do not know what fulfills their nutritional Pillar, I help them discover a fulfilling task by asking 2 questions, “What is 1 nutritional goal you have?” “What are some small, enjoyable efforts you have made to achieve that goal?” and then we identify one small nutritional pillar task that feels fulfilling, effortless and progressive to that goal.

Personally, my goal is to maintain an 80/20 nutritionally balanced diet every single day, it helps me maintain my muscle and fat tone. I want 80% of my intake to be nutrient-dense whole foods and the other 20% can be more sweet treats / a submission to cravings. It’s very important to me that I practice an equal balance of discipline and reward.

This approach helps me remain aligned and the process of prepping, cooking, plating my food, and knowing I created this beautiful masterpiece is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Leaving me nutritionally fulfilled.