The Muscle That May Be the Root of Your Pain


If you work a job or live a lifestyle that requires your arms/shoulders to be extended out in front of you majority of the time. Your neck, shoulder, chest, back and/or wrist pain may all be attributed to one simple muscle that is ridiculously easy to relieve.

The SubScapularis Muscle ~ 1 of the 4 major muscles that make up the Shoulder Complex. This muscle originates underneath the shoulder blade and wraps all the way around the body inserting itself in the front of the shoulder.

Now that you can visualize the muscle, think about it logically. Your arm and shoulder is consistently extended out in front you; at your computer, in the car, when you’re walking your dog, texting on the phone, etc.

In all of these instances the SubScapularis muscle is being stretched underneath the shoulder blade because the arm is forward, BUT also tightened near the chest/front of the shoulder where the muscle inserts! This means some major pulling is occurring within the muscle.

Alongside with the muscle becoming irritated and then swollen, a whole plexus of nerves run along it which can radiate nerve pain down the arm and into the wrist.

In my practice, most chronic pain a client claims they have is more often than not attributed to the SubScapularis Muscle. Their pain appears to be unbearable and at the same time the easiest muscle to relieve.

It is inevitable that your arms are going to be extended out in front of you in nearly every daily task you do. Here are a few stretches and postures to focus on that will align and relieve the SubScapularis Muscle:

  • For Posture: Always focus on keeping your shoulders blades back: Either imagine squeezing a tennis ball with your shoulder blades or simply just roll your shoulders back and down. Implement this concept especially in times when your arms are extended forward.
  • For Stretches: I can name a thousand but this article I read truly grasps all of my favorites so instead I am sharing the link with you!

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