I read something Elon Musk said a while back, it was something along the lines of “there are 168 hours in a week & the average only work 45, 25% of those remaining hours are used for life essentials (sleeping, eating, etc.)”… WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THOSE REMAINING 92 HOURS?

And after reading that, my biggest strength & my strongest weakness became one.

I have become obsessed with making sure every single minute of my life is playing some sort of benefit to my future & my goals. While I am beyond proud of the characteristics that have derived from this desired work ethic, there has also been a price paid. My obsession causes me to forget to enjoy important moments, to take a step back and cherish the people I’m with, to make sure I’m grounded & rested.

So here’s to acknowledging , learning to find balance & remembering that the little things matter too.

Let’s MOVE,