Quality over quantity is the number one thing I preach to my clients. If you can not do the rep with proper form then, STOP!

Here are a few tips for you to ensure that you are using correct form when training!

    • Make sure your feet are always hip or shoulder width apart and pointing forward (unless specified to do otherwise)
    • When performing movements like a squat, never allow your knees to go past the visibility of your toes
    • Always keep your hips and shoulders square/even
    • Make sure you do not over arch your back and always keep a tight core (I always say “Bring your belly button to
    • your spine with your muscles”)
    • Never hyper-extend or hyper-flex your neck
    • Whenever you are performing shoulder focused exercises, make sure you are not hunching your shoulders forward.
    • Instead, imagine yourself squeezing something with your shoulder blades to ensure proper form!

I like to think of the muscles, bones and joints as if I were stacking a building. You want to make sure you lay every piece of cement and brick perfectly so that the building is stable. Well, it is the same concept with our bodies, we want to make sure everything is properly aligned and stacked so that we are training at optimal performance without risk to injury.