I always wanted to share this chapter of my story but I never knew the best way, my team told me to write about it… So here goes nothing… I suffered from anorexia when I was younger & because of those struggles I realized I wanted to be a fitness nutrition specialist ~ so that I could help individuals NEVER feel what I felt in that chapter of my life. I want to help teach people that fitness and nutrition can be a sustainable part of your lifestyle without having to torture yourself. I want to help people find a happy and healthy relationship with food and working out without the stigmas around us getting in their heads.

I had to dig myself out of a very big hole when I faced that chapter in my life but I would never take it back ~ it educated me not just about proper nutrition but about the mental trials that are faced when trying to find a healthy yet sustainable lifestyle. That chapter of my life is what made me realize I don’t want to live another day knowing I’m not doing something to prevent individuals from feeling that pain.