Fulfilling the Occupational Pillar is always a very interesting conversation during consultations because not everyone is happy with/super eager about their career. As part of the 6 Pillars of Wellness Program, the Occupational Pillar is an important component of everyone’s daily life.

Essentially what I first ask a client is, “What is an upcoming occupational goal you have in your career or a career you want to transition to?” Then we identify one task they could be frequently performing each week that will launch them towards achieving that goal. Next thing you know you have an Occupational Well-Being Pillar task.

Personally, my occupational pillar task is always changing. I manage this by sitting down at the beginning of each month to re-assess what my occupational goals are and then I create a month-long executed plan to progressively achieve each goal.

I personally do fulfill all six pillars every single day, but this took me a while to achieve, and I’ve been practicing this concept for a very long time. With my step-by-step transformative 6 Pillars of Wellness weekly progressive plan, you will be effortlessly fulfilling all six tasks every single day in no time too!