As a part of the Jac Vitale 6 Pillars of Wellness program, the physical pillar is a bit more complex because if you sign on with me for a virtual fitness program, I don’t want your assigned training session to be the task that fulfills this pillar.

Life is always getting in the way, you may not feel well one day or you just don’t have the time. I want you to have a task to fall back on so you can release the physical stress, still feel physically fulfilled and feel good about yourself.

A lot of people’s tasks entail completing their 10,000 steps or going on 2 to 3 walks with their dogs. Personally, as long as I complete my stretching, I am fulfilled but if I want to go beyond that then I typically identify a goal of something that I’m working towards. Right now, my goal is to get stronger for snowboarding, to fulfill it I make sure I’m consistently working at my maximum potential towards that goal.

The 6 Pillars of Wellness daily checklist helps me remain in tune with how fulfilled my physical well-being is and where I need to improve. By doing this I feel aligned, grounded and prepared for what’s coming forward.

The best way to identify a task that fulfills your physical well-being pillar is to think of an activity you have done recently, or in the past that made you feel physically amazing without feeling like it took any mental effort.