Health Daily Article – Jac’s Strategic Alliance with Sam Tejada & Liquivida


Check out the new article on Jac Vitale and Sam Tejada as seen on Health Daily! 

Jac Vitale is proud to announce her strategic alliance with Sam Tejada, President and Founder of Liquivida.

This article in Health Daily written by Conrad Kensington, gives a glimpse into the driving forces behind this strategic partnership between Jac Vitale of Jac Vitale LLC and Sam Tejada of Liquivida.

Health Daily Article about Jac Vitale, Sam Tejada and Liquivida strategic partnership

Both Jac and Sam are professionals who seek to bring wellness and health to their clients on a daily basis. Their journeys are indeed – very personal.

Jac’s drive comes from her own experience with anorexia, and this fuels her passion for helping others develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise, emphasizing sustainability and enjoyment. “Life should be an enjoyable continuous growth and improvement process,” says Jac Vitale.

Sam’s history includes being a Broward firefighter and paramedic. Leading a busy lifestyle, Sam sought out something that could help him regain control of his life and vitality. His own “Vida Journey” became possible through Liquivida.

Seeing the gap between functional medicine and fitness, the collaboration between Jac Vitale, her unique 6 Pillars of Wellness Program and Sam Tejada and Liquivida, is a perfect partnership to enhance each companies impact on their clients needs and to broaden the range of options available to optimize their clients’ health and well-being.

“The strategic partnership between Jac Vitale LLC and Liquivida is a win-win-win situation for both entities and their respective clients,” notes Sam.

Jac’s unique “6 Pillars of Wellness” concept diverts your attention from the fitness/nutrition goal and redirects it to simply achieving a consistently balanced overall well-being. “Once that is achieved, you are then functioning at a maximum potential and naturally, everything you desire to accomplish will gravitate towards you.”

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