To help a client discover a task that fulfills the spiritual pillar, I ask them, “What is one thing you do or have done in the past that makes you feel like you are walking on mid-air?”.

The answer can be any type of answer. Honestly, everything answer I hear is always so inspiring. For me, I personally fulfill my spiritual pillar through journaling. Journaling helps me feel reconnected, realigned and rejuvenated. When I’m done writing and look up from my journal, I feel like a completely new person has washed over me and I’m ready to go again.

Whenever a client is having a hard time connecting with their spiritual well-being. I assign them the same simple task that spiritually unlocked me. Walk outside and look into the sun with your eyes shut for 15 seconds, it increases your serotonin levels. Naturally as you go through your day, you’ll have other glimmer moments where you notice that same feeling which in turn helps you discover progressive spiritual fulfillment tasks.