Learning about Relationships with Sam Tejada, President and Founder of LiquiVida


My very good friend, Sam Tejada (President of LiquiVida) recently taught me the importance of relationships. Not the intimacy kind but the business, friend, life type of relationships.

As Sam realized the toll his busy entrepreneurial life was taking on his health, he recognized the importance of prioritizing his own well-being in order to effectively represent his growing health and wellness franchise.

I was rushing through the gym one day and Sam stopped me to inquire about the Manual Therapy services I provide. I informed Sam, “this service is a 60-minute in-person session where I manipulate and stretch the body with my own in different positions that will release and realign every muscle, tendon and ligament in the body. During this 60-minute session I listen to the challenges my clients are enduring and integrate my company’s 6 Pillars of Wellness concept as a grounding solution to their stress.

Immediately Sam filled the last available spot in my book and embarked on his 6 Pillars of Wellness Journey. In each session I spent 30 minutes teaching Sam more about how my company is motivated to assist individuals in elevating not just their physical and nutritional well-being but the WHOLE MACHINE. Sam embraced The 6 Pillars of Wellness with open arms and experienced the enlightenment himself.

With most clients, the other 30 minutes are spent discussing tips and life but with Sam, this is where he unintentionally taught me the importance of building strong relationships with anyone and everyone. That day Sam stopped me in the gym I assumed I was just filling another slot and improving his life like I do best, but we built a relationship much bigger than that. Sam and I shared our personal passions as well as company’s passions. Sam introduced me to the VidaJourney, networking opportunities, podcasts and enlightened me on the importance in connecting with everything and everyone.

As our relationship grew larger our passions continued to merge stronger. After Sam took me through my personal favorite VidaJourney, The Metabolic Journey, a series of tests that give you in-depth assessments of every function in your body, I realized how our resources, together, can benefit our consumers so much more than separately. The Metabolic Journey includes the following tests: Dexa, Pnue, In-Body, 3D Body Scan and a highly integrative blood test. The LiquiVida Metabolic Journey gives me the precise assessment and information I need regarding my client’s overall health and capabilities. This information allows me to program the most effective, efficient and enjoyable plan for my virtual fitness and nutrition movers.

As we continue to see the benefits both our passions and companies bring together, the opportunities for our consumers to flourish are proving limitless.

That little “excuse me” in the gym made me realize, we as humans are designed to grow and elevate off one another and to do that you must build relationships.

Let’s Make Moves,